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Vent Accessories


Fits into the throat of 250mm & 300mm wind powered ventilators to prevent embers from entering combustible parts of the internal roof space.


Having a roof top ventillator is great, but it needs airflow to help it draw in cool air, so why not turbo charge your roof top vent with eave vents.  They are great Air replenishment points for our roof ventilators when installed under the eaves. The curved air inlet holes restrict entry to insects and outperforms traditional metal eave vents by 40%, which allows air changes to occur in the roof space, when installed with a roof mounted ventilator.

Dimensions:  440mm x 230mm x 65mm


WHIRLYMATE is a closable ceiling register which allows you to control the flow of heat from a room.  During summer, the vent is easily opened to allow warm room air to be drawn into the attic space for removal by a roof ventilator. Then, in winter, the vent can be closed to prevent loss of home heating.


Airmaster is a revolutionary air conditioning supply grille, constructed from high quality engineering polymer. The AirMaster incorporates a magnetic detachable face for cleaning purposes. Designed to have very low backpressure for high energy efficient operation. Available with a 250mm or 300mm ducting spigot and a 4 way supply configuration.


Unique Australian designed and manufactured 150mm throat EC face grille, constructed from high quality engineering polymer. Ideal for return air purposes (toilets, etc). Incorporates a magnetic detachable face for cleaning purposes. Available with either a long or short ducting throat.

Round Ceiling Grilles

Controllable, open and closing ceiling registers with ducting spigot on the attic side to take ducting from roof mounted ventilator. Available in 4 sizes 150, 200, 250 & 300mm . White only.


Enables the control of 250mm & 300mm wind powered ventilators.  Simple cord operation allows ventilator to be opened or closed to suit conditions.

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