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We specialise in:

  • Solar Panel Installation

  • Solar Inverters

  • Hybrid Energy Systems

  • Battery Back-up Systems

  • Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know?

Installing solar power offers a way to reduce your electricity bills and to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar power rebates still exist and can substantially benefit new customers considering installing solar panels.

We use only quality brands and are a preferred supplier for Suntech - the World's largest producer of solar panels.

Watch our video to find out why SolarGreen can help find the best solar option for your future.

Enquire today and you will receive:

1) A free Home Energy Assessment from a qualified SolarGreen Consultant; and,

2) A free Financial Review from First National.

By combining both of these complimentary services, you can identify your future energy needs whilst assessing your financial options for gaining the greatest long-term benefits with as little out-of-pocket expense as possible.



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