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Sub Floor Ventillation - EcoFan

Did you know that the condition of the air space under your home can cause mould and fungi growth, increase termite activity and even cause common household allergies and respiratory problems?

Introducing the ECOFAN A three speed powered sub-floor ventillation system that removes stale, damp air from under your house.

Having poor air flow under your home provides the perefect environment for attracting termites to nest under your home, breed and eat your beautiful home.

Poor airflow has also been found to cause stale and musty odours to rise up and permeate into living areas YUCK.

You can easily improve your sub floor air quality and reduce the humidity levels beneath the floor, by installing one or more ecoFAN’s!  The fan is designed to be reversable so you can have one EcoFand drawing fresh air in and another atthe other end of the home exhausting the stale air.  With its air high flow rate and 3 speed settings you will be able exhaust damp air from your subfloor helping to protect your family and your home.

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Features and Benefits

    Highly effective removal of subfloor damp and odours
    Very low running costs – continuous operation cost as low as $13 a year (based on 21c/kWh)
    High flow rates
    Reversible flow direction
    Easy and safe to install – No electrician required
    Designed to run in moist environments
    Quiet operation
    Can be easily painted to compliment your home
    Manufactured from tough, injection moulded UV stable polymers, designed for Australia’s harsh conditions
    Attractive louvre design
    Variable Speed operation - speed controller allows three fixed speeds selection, ensuring only the right amount of flow is set to suit the severity of the conditions
    Dual functionality option to either exhaust or supply air
    24VDC high efficiency electronic commutating German motor - runs 24/7
    Operating noise levels as low as 33dB(A) (low speed setting).

    Throat diameter: 250mm
    Motor: 30W, 24VDC
    Flow rate Δp=0: Min: 275m3/h Max: 730m3 /h
    Line voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
    Colours: White and Brown
    Warranty – 2 Years.

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