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Air Conditioning

Split System
Air Conditioners

Split Systems are cost effective solution to air condition a single area within your home. We supply and install inverter systems with cooling only or reverse cycle capabilities.  

Air Conditioning

Ducted Systems provide an energy efficient solution to air condition your entire home. Whether you are building a new home or have an existing building, we can help! 

Solar Thermal
Air Conditioning

Solar Thermal Systems can signficantly reduce running costs and are generally quieter to run. If you would like cheaper power bill or some extra peace and quiet...find out more.


System size 2.5Kw 3.5Kw 5Kw 6Kw 7Kw 8Kw 9Kw
Prices from $1,470 $1,570 $1,960 $2,090 $2,250 $2,560 $2,720

*Please Note: Above prices refer to back-to-back installation.

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When North Brisbane's East Coast Electroplating came to us hoping to reduce reliance on the grid and shrink its hefty demand charges, we had just the solution - a 100Kw Photovoltaic Commerci...

Solar Industry Under Threat Again

May 11 2015
The following solar update was provided by the Australian Solar Council on Monday 11th of May, 2015. On Friday, the Abbott Government threw the solar industry back into turmoil by backing ...

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We finally got a 3 month power bill (last quarter) that came up with a $67.00 Credit instead of a normal power bill of between $320 - $350.00 per q...

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