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How to Read Your Solar Power Meter

Learn how to read EM1000 Solar PV meters

This video shows an example of the typical solar meter, which would be installed by Energex on your property. Reading your solar meter is simple: if you watch the display, you see it alternate between positive and negative numbers. The positive number is the amount of electricity that you've imported from the grid – this is what you see on a normal electricity meter without solar.


The negative number is the amount of electricity that you've exported from your solar system to the grid – this is the amount of electricity your solar has generated above and beyond what your house needed to use at the time. In this case, the positive value is less than the negative value, so this property has exported more electricity than they've imported, leaving the property owner with refunds from the power company. In Queensland, the negative value is called a "Solar Bonus Scheme" or the "Feed-In Tariff".

Learn how to read EM1200 Solar PV meters

This video shows a more complex solar meter, which has been installed by Energex. This one scrolls through three sets of numbers, as opposed to a simpler model with two displays.

01 is the normal amount of electricity that you've imported from the grid.

30 is the hot water off-peak service, which is more electricity that you've imported from the grid.

40 is the amount of electricity that this property has exported back to the grid from their solar system, and that's the amount of electricity above and beyond what your property was using at the time.

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(Source: LocalPower, a non-profit community group).

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