How to Attack Energy Costs at Both Ends

Posted on 5 September 2012

Reduce and Even Eliminate Energy Bills

In the media, residential solar power often gets all the publicity. However, thousands of businesses in Australia are quietly turning to commercial solar power. For many business owners, the cost of power has been steadily increasing; this directly affects the bottom line—especially for companies that need a lot of power.

Based on figures from electricity company Switchwise, electricity prices are likely to double in the next ten years in Australia. The major cause is a predicted sharp increase in demand from residential property owners who are installing energy-guzzling air conditioning units, dishwashers, and flat screen televisions. Also—with Australia’s population forecast to grow significantly, this will increase demand for electricity. The knock-on effect will mean higher commercial power prices.

Fortunately, business owners and decision makers can be proactive and significantly reduce their power bills. The first step is to complete an internal energy audit. Business owners are often extremely surprised to discover they can dramatically reduce power consumption by making some relatively simple and inexpensive changes.

Most Australian businesses are located in areas without tree cover. This presents a perfect environment for the installation of commercial solar power. For example, if your business has a large roof area, then solar panels can often be installed easily and quickly. Depending on the business, three outcomes are possible with commercial solar power.
  1. Dramatic reduction in power bills.
  2. ‘Zero-sum’ so power costs drop to zero averaged over 12 months.
  3. The company generates ‘excess’ electricity that can be sold to the power company. The power company writes a cheque to the business every month.

Each outcome presents a powerful result for any business.

Many business owners are surprised to discover that solar power is affordable and that savings can start quickly. To discover more about how to reduce commercial power consumption dramatically, contact a SolarGreen representative.

Welcome to the SolarGreen Solar Power Blog

Posted on 14 August 2012

Welcome to the SolarGreen Solar Power blog!

Visit us often to read notes from the field, browse our photos and videos, hear the latest about solar power, and keep up on what’s new at the Solar Green HQ.

Stay tuned!

The SolarGreen Team

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