Hybrid Energy Systems

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So what is a Hybrid Energy System? A hybrid energy system is connected to the grid via your switchboard and meter. A Hybrid system is also connected to the grid but includes an uninterruptable power supply/ battery bank as well.

Our systems give you a solution towards energy independence and slash your electricity bills even if there are no government feed-in-tariffs.  This solution begins with an inverter that can automate and manage all the functions required to run your electrical system, right down to individual electrical circuits if you so desire.

Our inverter system allows you to build on your solar power installation over time. It can be installed as an off peak charging ups system, a grid connected inverter pv system, a DC connected Solar pv ups, or even as a grid connect-DC coupled ups system with either DC solar pv, wind, hydro or fuel based generators. The options are endless, and it doesn’t stop there, you can also add extra battery storage to it over time!

8kw DC coupled standalone

8kw DC coupled standalone with backup generator
8kw DC coupled standalone with wind

DC Coupled Stand Alone Photovoltaics

Stand alone solar PV systems (Off Grid Solar) operate independently from the main electricity grid, the energy collected from the solar panels is usually stored in battery banks, typically at 3 days storage, so reliable and continuous power is available 24 hours a day.

Sometimes these systems have the help of additional generation systems including wind and fuel based generators where required, this assists with the regularization of PV generation and load consumptions.
The main advantages of stand alone solar power systems, is that there are little or no going running costs or electricity bills!




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