Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power

What does SolarGreen do?

We're a full service solar installation company, we are often referred to as “Your One Stop Solar Shop”. We provide customized Solar Power, Hot Water and Air Conditioning systems throughout southeast Queensland and NSW and Victoria. We service residential, commercial, and government customers.

How are you different from other companies?

We are not just about Solar Power. We are a complete Energy Solutions Provider, to help you decrease your energy consumption. Many solar power companies provide kits to their customers. We're different: we provide custom designed systems tailored to the precise needs of each customer. This helps to maximize return on investment. This can include everything from Solar Power/ hot Water/ Air conditioning/ Led Lighting/ Pool power savers/ Power Conditioners for your  Home or Business,  just to list a few.

How much do you charge for the initial consultation?

It's FREE and you'll quickly discover how you can save thousands plus help the environment.

What do you cover in the free initial consultation?

We examine your power bills to size a power system to suit your needs. We take a look at your property to see if it's suitable for solar power. We'll design a system to reduce your bill or a scalable system that you can add to in the future. We can also install a system that may eliminate your power bill completely, or if this is not possible, we will suggest from our diverse range the products that will best save you on your power consumption.

How much can I save?

The average Australian home spends more than $60,000 in electricity bills over 25 years. And this figure is likely to rise over the upcoming years: price increases have averaged 16% each year since 2009. Ouch! A solar power system/ hot water system, conditioners and lights can take a big bite out of this amount…AND you may be able to sell electricity back to the power company.

Isn't solar fairly simple to set up?

Yes and no. It's easy to get a system up and running—but must be done by Accredited Solar Electricians! The real key is setting up systems so they are optimized for your site. That's why it's important to trust an installer who customizes solar solutions.

What can you use solar power for?

Running all the electricity in your home, heating hot water, Air Conditioning, your pool….. We provide a full  solar service to help you with this.

What the best way to start?

To get a free estimate for solar power at your property, contact us here or call 1300 783 427 right now.

Do you provide commercial services?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive, customised, end-to-end solutions for 50kW to 300MW solar power installation. We use a four step process. Read about it here.

What about government incentives?

These are periodically available and we can discuss these during the initial free consultation.

What does it cost?

The price of a solar power system varies depending on factors like property size, aspect, and your electricity needs. We can provide financing so you can get started with solar power for $0 down. Click here for details.

Do you have a solar power system at your facility?

Absolutely. We have over 37Kw of solar power plus we have solar hot water systems.

Do you provide commercial and residential services?

Yes. Our customers include residential property owners, commercial property owners, and government entities.

How do you install commercial solar?

By following these steps.

What are the advantages of solar power?

Solar energy is:

  • 'Green'
  • Reliable.
  • Saves you $$ on your energy bills!
  • A strong long-term investment.

It can also increase the value of your property.

How quickly can solar be up and running?

It depends on the size of the installation and the property. It can take one day to several days.

Do I have to have a north facing roof?

While a north facing roof at about 25 -30 degrees is ideal, we can also work with east and west facing roofs, or install on multiple roof lines if needed. Ask us how.

What about maintenance?

A solar power system requires very little maintenance as there are very few moving parts, however, we advise that you should clean your Solar Panels at least once per year to keep them at optimal performance. This is a service we offer, and we check the performance of your system at the same time and give you a report. If you want to clean your panels yourself, we sell a specialised cleaning product called Panel Kleen. Look in our online shop to purchase this product. (remember to always observe safety standards when working at heights).

What size system do I need?

We've produced a grid you can see here.

Why is it so important to have a customized system installed?

There's an engineering reason: to design the most efficient system. There's an aesthetic reason: we want the solar power system to blend in with your architecture.

How do the numbers work here?

These numbers are based on the average electricity use for a household of 2-3 people that uses electricity for hot water and cooking: 9125Kwh a year.

  • A 1Kw system generates approximately 5Kwh per day or 1825 Kwh/year and will save 15% of average electricity use or $450/year.
  • A 1.5Kw system generates around 2715 Kwh/year and save 30% of average electricity use or $750/year.
  • A 2Kw system generates around 3620 Kwh/year and will save 40% of average electricity use or $984/year
  • A 5Kw system generates around 8395 Kwh/year and will save 92% of average electricity use or $2185/year with a possible return from your power company.

Note: savings vary depending on location and other factors.

To get a free estimate for solar power at your property, contact us here or call 1300 783 427 right now.



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