The Basics of Solar Power

For most people Solar Power is a confusing and daunting task, you’ve been blinded with “science”, “kilowatts”, “inverters”, “panels” and “prices from”. In the majority of cases all you want to know is a simple explanation of how solar works and will it work for me?

So how does a Solar Power System work?

Firstly, we install High Quality and performing Solar Panels on your roof, these panels make DC (Direct Current) Power.

Secondly, we run DC power cable to an INVERTER, the inverter converts the DC power to AC power so you can use it in your property.

Thirdly, your AC power is run to your meterbox through your new circuit breaker system and feed to either a Gross or Net Feed-In meter. In the majority of cases this will be a Net Feed-in meter, your power will then feed into your property and firstly be used by appliances that are turned on or on standby any excess power will be feed back out through the meter to the grid.

Depending on where you live, your state or territory may pay you a set price for your excess power; and some electricity retailers may pay you a bonus for your excess power.For those who like to dig a little deeper and understand the technology behind solar power, click the following page links to learn more.

  1. What is a Solar Cell?
  2. How Silicon Makes a Solar Cell
  3. Anatomy of a Solar Cell
  4. The Three Types of Solar Cells
  5. How Do Solar Inverters Work?

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