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Finally there is a way to make your pool pump a 5 Star Energy Efficient Applicance. The Future Wave Energy Saver is suitable for domestic and commercial pools and will:

Reduce your pool pump's power usage by 80%

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Future Wave is:

  • An Australian invention to reduce energy consumption in pumps and induction motors which is suitable for domestic & commercial pumps
  • Dramatically reduce your electricity consumption
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions (equivalent to taking one small car off the road for over 6 months)
  • Make your pump run around 70% quieter
  • Almost silent running of pumps meaning they can be run at night time to take advantage of off peak tariffs
  • Improves water quality
  • Improved pool filtering and cleaning
  • Less wear and tear on pumps and filters
  • Can be used on 95% of existing pool A/C pumps & water features no need to change your pump

No plumbing or hard wiring required!

How do I connect a single phase unit?

The future wave unit simply mounts on any wall or structure, then plug your pump into the future wave unit. The future wave unit then plugs into the main power plug where your pump was plugged in.  NO plumbing or electrical changes needed.

How does it work?

By adjusting the frequency, optimum electrical efficiency is achieved.

Will it effect my Crawller Cleaner?

No. All the brands tested have performed with no changes in effectiveness. Barracudas & Creepy Crawlies in all cases so far, we have found an improvement in the performance of the cleaner & in all cases so far are using the high saving setting. However, if the pump is below .75kw (1h.p.) the MED or LOW setting may be necessary.

How long is the warranty?

1 year and if any fault does occur the entire unit will be replaced (not repaired) as per warranty terms.

Will it affect backwashing?

No simply switch the future wave to bypass vacuum away then return to the selected setting when finished.

Did you know?

  • By using the future wave energy saver the water clarity of your pool generally improves as water is passing through the filter much more efficiently.
  • By using the future wave energy saver there is a substantial noise reduction of your pump. Some users at first keep checking to see if the pump is running because it is so quiet.
  • There are also a number of other benefits by using a Future Wave Energy Saver which include, less pipe damage, fewer leaks, extended pump life, and reduces mechanical strain and a major reduction in household greenhouse emissions (normal domestic saving of up to 4 Tonnes per year)
  • We are not changing the size of the pump just the flow. A smaller pump my run at the same watts as the Future Wave Energy Save but it doesn't have the same torque. A  400w (1/2h.p.) pump would not be capable of pushing the water through the filter. Using the technology by changing the waveform, voltage and frequency to the motor, it changes a motor that only requires 1800w to start the system and thereafter running as a maximum efficient 400w capable of enough torque to maintain flow.

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