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Are all Solar Systems the same?

Posted by SolarGreen on 4 February 2015

The thing we hear from a lot of people is "Solar is solar. What difference does it make?"

It makes a huge difference. 

If you buy an LCD television from a reputable company with a good history, you would expect that you will pay for the quality, backing and service that comes with a good brand; it is the same with solar power.
You are not just paying for the Solar Panels, or even the inverter.  You are paying for:

  • Rooftop isolators, so your solar system system doesn't set your house on fire if there is a fault with something
  • Specialized racking and support, so the panels are not sitting directly on your roof and have good air flow.  So your roof does not leak or go rusty over time
  • Quality wiring to your inverter so the power conversion is the best it can be
  • Meter upgrades when required
  • Strong performance from a system well designed for a specific physical location; not all locations are ideal for solar power.
  • Follow up service.

You should always look for quality when purchasing anything electrical. 

As the old saying goes - 'If you are being offered something that seems too good to be true, it probably is!'

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