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Solar Industry Under Threat Again

Posted by SolarGreen on 11 May 2015

The following solar update was provided by the Australian Solar Council on Monday 11th of May, 2015.

On Friday, the Abbott Government threw the solar industry back into turmoil by backing two yearly reviews of the Renewable Energy Target.

This is devastating.

The next RET Review will start in 7 months time!

After 3 RET reviews in 3 years, they want another review in 7 months!

That will devastate every solar business and every solar worker in Australia.

Household solar, commercial solar and big solar completely uncertain once again.

We must stop this from happening.

Please send an e-mail NOW to:

greg.hunt.mp@aph.gov.au [Environment Minister]
ian.macfarlane.mp@aph.gov.au [Industry Minister]
mark.butler.mp@aph.gov.au  [Opposition Environment spokesman]
gary.gray.mp@aph.gov.au [Opposition Industry spokesman]

Key Messages: We've had 3 RET Reviews in 3 years. We don't want any more. Another RET Review will destroy Australia's solar industry, hurting 5,000 small businesses and harming 18,000 solar workers.

You might want to remind Ian Macfarlane that he said this on 27 February "I've offered...a guarantee that this will be the last [RET] review before 2020".

This is deadly serious.

Make no mistake, if the Government proceeds with 2 yearly RET Reviews, the Australian Solar Council will campaign against the Government in the 20 most marginal seats across Australia.

Please send these e-mails NOW and contact your local Federal Member of Parliament.


Author: SolarGreen
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