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Why should I get Solar Power?

Posted by SolarGreen on 26 January 2015

This is a question we are asked daily - "why get Solar Power?". The answer is easy.

  • It is helping our environment;
  • it is helping to slow the effects on global warming and the consequences of traditional fossil fuel energy sources. 
  • Most of all, it will save you money!

It is easy to work out what size solar power system will most help you reduce your power bill.  No matter who is your electricity retailer, they all provide a graph of your usage on their bills.  That graph has all the information you need to work out what size Solar System you need!  The graph will tell you how many kilowatt hours of power per day you are currently drawing/using from the grid. It could be 15kwH, it may be 54kwH - it will differ for every home and circumstance.  Whatever that figure, that is the production rate of Solar Power you should aim for to reduce your power bill.

If you use 25kwH per day, you need to be looking at a 5Kw Solar Power system to reduce your energy bills substantially!  It really is that easy.  Solar Power systems are not the only way you can reduce your power bill. Grid connected Solar Power is just one of the ways SolarGreen can help reduce your energy costs.  We are holistic about renewable energy and constantly strive toward better and more cost effective ways to reduce your power bill, your energy consumption, and to aid you in reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Solar Power is Easy!

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