We finally got a 3 month power bill (last quarter) that came up with a $67.00 Credit instead of a normal power bill of between $320 - $350.00 per quarter.

Obviously November was a pretty sunny month, but it led the way to a great result for our Spring electricity account. If we hadn't been paying the premium for 100% renewable energy from AGL, they would have ended up owing us money for our electricity in Sept-Nov. Our whole bill, including the service fee and 100% Green energy, was $47. (About $345 better than last year's Spring, ignoring the Ambulance contribution.) That's a better result than we'd expected from our modest 1.9kw solar system, considering we run a large house with four adults, and we're very grateful to you guys for all your efforts to make that possible thanks

We saved $100 on our 1st account (33%) and only had to pay $22.08 for the 1st quarter with the panels fully operational (previous account same quarter was $320). We are very pleased with the performance. The highest day was 9.99kw/h and so far in November we are averageing about 8kw/h. On average we use 50% of what we generate and "sell" the balance.

Yesterday you boys came to install the Solar hot water for us. We just want to say what a pleasant helpful crew they were, and even cleaned up after themselves, you don't see that much now a days. My wife and i would like to thank SolarGreen and the boys.

The guys from SolarGreen who did the install were easy to get on with, they didn't muck around and left the site in a clean and tidy fashion. They explained the basics of the ins and outs of the invertor and overcame a full fuse box by neatly re-organising the fuses and circuit breakers and then placing the main solar isolation switch amongst what used to be a mess in switch board. Overall the install looks good and I am sure is saving me heaps. With the looming onset of the Carbon Tax, I am sure the benefits of my PV array will be seen even sooner than i expect, I appreciate everything you have done.


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