I am a very Happy Solar Customer. Have recently received my first full power bill since everything was connected and received a very nice 'Refund'. Never had money back from the Power Company before, so I am overjoyed with having Solar connected.

My wife found SolarGreen on Facebook. We own a holiday house and our current solar HW system had failed. We were having guests arrive in 48 hours with no Hot Water and a leaking system. We called SolarGreen Tuesday afternoon, their staff responded to our queries in a fast, efficient & professional manner. They asked us a series of questions so they could identify what type of system would best meet our requirements. They arranged for the system to be delivered and installed the next day (Wednesday). It was installed as arranged, the installers followed up with a phone call in the afternoon advising everything was done and working correctly. The operations Manger arranged the necessary rebate paperwork and the whole process from first phone call to installation was completed in 24 hours. We are extremely happy with the customer service, the product knowledge, installation and follow up. We would have no hesitation in recommending Solar Green to others looking to install Solar Hot Water

The Air Con seems great..cools down the areas really well and the air vent would have to be the most notable as the house doesn't have a stifled feel on the warm side of the house, especially when locked up. I have noticed when coming into the house especially from the garage just how cool the house feels...and of course our Solar Panels - the last bill was lower and a new one expected any day now....

Brrrr Hate Cold Mornings. Switched on our new SolarGreen Solar Air Conditioner and Mmmmmm lovely, warm and cosy (it was also nice & cool in summer). Firstly our old hot water system finally died and we put in a SolarGreen Solar Hot Water System and poof $200/qtr hot water bill Gone!!! So we then went with SolarGreen Solar Electricity for the house and Future Wave Pool System for the pool and now we’re laughing. Using the extra money to save for a cruise thanks to the sun and the fabulous service and products provided by SolarGreen. It was great relief to deal with Robert and his staff (they really do know what they’re talking about). What can we say... honesty, integrity, simple explanations and top of the range products to back it all up. Nice to do business the good old fashioned way but with today’s technology. HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOLARGREEN. GIVE THEM 5 STARS.


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